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Here is a list of some popular alternatives to EADGBE, along with artists/tunes that utilize them.

1 DADGBE (Dropped-D)

This is standard tuning with the 6 string E dropped to a D. Used mostly when playing in the key of D, so that one can have an open string for the tonic. Also used in the key of G, where the D rings open on the V Chord. No doubt, there are lots of other uses for this tuning also.

2 DADF#AD (Open D)

Used extensively for fingerstyle and slide guitar. Fahey & Kottke use this alot. Kottke’s “Jesu Joy of Man’s Desiring”, “Vaseline Machine Gun”, “Sailor’s Grave on the Prairie”, “Crow River Waltz” are in this tuning.

3 DGDGBD (Open G)

Used extensively for fingerstyle and slide guitar. Lots of the Turn of the Century country blues guitar players used this. It is also commonly used in contemporary guitar.

4 CGCGCE (Open C)

Fahey & Kottke use it alot. Kottke’s “Busted Bicycle” is in open C, as is Fahey’s “Sunflower River Blues” and “Revolt of the Dyke Brigade”

5 DADGAD (D Modal Tuning)

Pierre Bensusan plays just about his entire repertoire in this tuning. His book, “The Guitar Book”, contains many beautiful arrangements in both tab and standard notation, as well as lots of Pierre’s exercises for stretches. It even includes recipes and poetry!

6 DGDABE (Cross-Tuning??)

7 DGDGBbD (Open G minor)

Used frequently by John Renbourn and Stefan Grossman.

8 EADEAE (E modal)

Used extensively by Martin Carthy and other English guitarists.

– End Alternatif Tuning.


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